Monday, December 6, 2010

Fall Dessert Table

Fall is one of my favorite seasons and worthy of celebration. So before it draws to an end, take some inspiration from my recent Fall Dessert Table. To create this look, I used a golden yellow tablecloth that is embossed with tone on tone leaves. Above the table, I placed a series of bottles that I painted black and filled with a single blossom of yellow amaryllis. The centerpiece is made up of a prominent glossy-black urn filled with an assortment of branches, some of which were still hanging on to their weather-beaten leaves. My nature-inspired miniature fallscape centerpiece needed a little boost which I supplied by hanging perky bright yellow leaf-shaped chocolate lollipops from the branches....just charming!
The table featured a combination of full, warm fall flavors, such as: caramel, apple, pumpkin, and cranberry. Jumbo pumpkin muffins are in a large basket flanked by 'Fall into chocolate' bars. Arguably, everything tastes better on a stick! Here we have brownie pops dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and what could be better than apple pie pops. What a treat these warm apple pie pops were... a toasted crust popped into your mouth surrounded by warm baked apple. Both the apple and brownie pops were a huge hit! A perfectly shaped leaf bowl is piled high with white yogurt pretzels that taste even better than they look. Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are stacked and tied together on one side of the table, while mini cranberry muffins are lined up on the opposite end.

Above, caramel popcorn balls are proudly assembled in large glass containers. An assortment of candy topped off the dramatic presentation that featured woven baskets, acorns and custom turkey tags. A festive mood was set and the colors, textures and fragrance inspired warm cheer. What a great way to kick-off the holiday season. 

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