Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year's Resolution = Ice Cream Substitution

Who doesn't like ice cream?... and what better way to derail any diet than by indulging in this creamy dessert. Most New Year’s resolutions start with the desire to lose weight. I’m guessing it's on most of your lists. It definitely is on the top of my list since I need to get in wedding shape (which would mean that I actually need to use my gym membership!).

So then, why am I talking about ice cream? I want you to begin to think of yogurt as a new substitution for an ice cream sundae...think yogurt parfait. 

The power of yogurt may actually surprise you. Having a daily dose of yogurt has many health benefits. These benefits include: a ton of vitamins, probiotics, high protein, bone-building calcium, the ability to prevent high blood pressure, and healthy bacteria that can help ward off the common cold. It is recommended to choose plain or Greek yogurt, as they are more nutritious than flavored varieties. You may be thinking that plain yogurt is flavorless (I don't blame you, I once had the same view) but a little honey, cinnamon, and/or frozen fruit can go a long way. Parfaits are a creative and fun way to get both yogurt & fruit into your diet. A delicious way to enjoy a daily dessert completely guilt-free.
Mango parfait

For those of you on the go, make a healthier choice at fast food restaurants (should they even be called a restaurant?) and get a small parfait (without the granola) at McDonald's for 130 calories. 

PS – If your dog gets an upset stomach, add some plain yogurt to their food… this has been tried and tested many times in my house with very good results. My dogs absolutely love yogurt probably because they know it has such wonderful health benefits =) 

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