Thursday, January 6, 2011

Three Kings Day

Traditions are often the glue that hold families together, and I am all about family and traditions. My family has celebrated the feast of the Epiphany since I was a baby. On this day, the twelfth day of Christmas, when the 3 kings brought gifts to baby Jesus, my family celebrates with a picnic dinner around the tree. We are always sad to see the end of the season, when all the decorations are carted away, and so we enjoy this moment, as we all sit on a blanket spread on the floor like a large skirt around the tree. The glow from the Christmas lights and the sound of Christmas music playing for the last time fill the house with warmth, as we toast the end of the season and the good times and memories shared by all. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that we do exchange three more gifts....small, often funny gifts though, not gold, frankincense and myrrh.

A traditional dessert of this day is called “Roscon de Reyes” (translation: king’s cake) which is served the night before or the morning of January 6th. Click here to read more about this tradition and to find the recipe for Roscon de Reyes. 
 image source: flickr

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