Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peaches & Cream Inspiration Board

Recently we have had some hints of spring weather (and some snow) in the northeast. Peach and cream conjure up images of spring flowers and the kind of weather we are all yearning for. This beautiful color palette is both romantic and timeless.   
Row 1: bridal party, peach bouquet
Row 2: clutch, Chanel shoes, Karmann Ghia
Row 3: dessert table, cake   


  1. Very nice. peach is a very relaxing motif/color. Have a great spring season

  2. What is that cake made of? It looks fabulous! Love the muted tones of the dessert table, too. Very classy!

  3. Thanks Maria & Lissa!

    Lissa - Swiss meringue buttercream icing piped through a petal tip created that look. Here are the details from MS: