Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue Dessert Table

I want to share some photos of a dessert table I created a little while ago. This table has a fun sporty/ocean theme. It incorporates different shades of blue, white, and a touch of light/lime green.

The tall cone centerpiece emulates the ocean while sea creature chocolate lollipops swim against the waves. 
The three plates towards the front feature chocolate stars (star fish) and gems (like those found in a buried treasure chest). Marshmallow cones are suggestive of the much craved ice cream cones sold on the beach. 
Baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs are created out of chocolate covered Oreos, just in case anyone wants to have a game of catch on the beach. 
 A pool of blue gummy sharks patiently waits for the kill. 
Finally, an assortment of blue-hued candies and chocolate-covered graham crackers with blue swirls top off the ocean theme. The table is sure to evoke carefree days spent at the beach.   

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