Thursday, February 17, 2011

Green & Yellow Wedding Inspiration Board

So today I have been thinking about my (our) wedding all day. The colors, flowers, shoes, dresses, honeymoon... the list goes on. I put together this inspiration board to organize my thoughts and concentrate on what I really want for the September wedding. You are probably thinking, September... but that's so far away! It really isn't a lot of time when you are a perfectionist like me! =)     

If you can't tell... the colors for the wedding are going to be gray, yellow, green, black, white. The bridesmaids dresses (all 9 of them!) will be in a grayish/silver, similar to the dress in the bottom row. The groomsmen will be wearing tuxes with a gray vest and tie to match the ladies, much like the picture in the bottom row. The trouble I have been having is deciding where to tie in the green & yellow. I do very much love the bouquet shown to the left of the margaritas. Maybe the bridesmaids will be holding something similar to that bouquet at my wedding. I am planning to hold an all yellow bouquet. 

We have an appointment next week with the bakery to discuss our wedding cake. I'm very excited about this, hoping it will be a fun and very sweet meeting.

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