Monday, November 1, 2010

A New Beginning

I am so excited to enter the blogging world. In this blog, I will focus on some of my favorite things: baking, décor, and the amazing result of combining these two. Growing up with a family that is half Swedish, it has always been very special to me to make our family’s Swedish sugar cookie recipe for the holidays. I can remember those days when I was too short to even reach the counter so my grandma would plop me on the counter to engage in all the fun. Cookie dough everywhere! As I grew older, I continued the tradition with my father and many of my friends who still come over every year to make our special cookies!

Now to discuss the inspiration behind the other half of this blog – design. It just so happens that my very own mother has been an interior designer for over twenty years. Since we share a very close relationship, her passion for design has seemed to rub off on me. I have worked as her assistant on a number of projects and pooling our ideas, creativity, and energy always has amazing results!

As you can probably determine, family has always been very important to me. That is why both baking and design have had important roles in my life. What could be better than to combine two passions!?

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